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Tiny Love hosts its 2nd Annual Hackathon

This past July, the Tiny Love team hosted its 2nd annual Hackathon. The theme for the concept design this year was “A Baby’s Experience of Motion/Movement.” Employees got together for a full day of different fun and informative activities.



On the 28th of July 2016, the Tiny Love Hackathon event took place for the second year in a row, aimed at developing innovative juvenile products. The event, which lasted for 24h and took place at the trendy East Club in Tel Aviv, included product designers, industrial designers, engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs and even physiotherapists and medical experts. Everyone worked together to find the best innovative concept for a Tiny Love product that would fit the title: A Baby’s Experience of Motion/Movement.


The event offered a variety of activites and surprises throughout the 24 hours. The participants indulged in a selection of meals and treats. To keep all participants awake, an energetic midnight activity/happening/workout was planned. For mental stimulation the participants were given a  lecture given by a developmental physiotherapist, consultation and guidance offered by senior industry professionals. In the end, Tiny Love employees mingled, made new friendships and used their creativitity to innovate to create create the next product launched by Tiny Love.


Every group whose Hackathon concept is chosen for production, will be awarded with a royalties contract that will last as long as the product is manufactured.


The event was visible on the social media and included 4 live broadcasts the appeared on the Tiny Love Hackathon Page .



Hackathon statistics

Maya Shelly stated "the engagement the event garnered was impressive." During the week of the Hackathon Tiny Love saw a total of 15,200 engagements (likes, shares and comments). Statistics futher determined that the event reached 11,200 persons during that week alone. As a result, the Tiny Love social media page amassed 1019 views. The four live streams featured during the event saw 861 unique views over a total of 442 minutes (7+ hours).


Tiny Love Engagement

At Tiny Love, the enthusiasm  for the Hackathon was through the roof. The event saw a staggering 280 submissions to participate from which only 70 talented candidates were selected. These 70 candidates were then divided into 14 competing groups. The groups' innovative concepts were judged by a panel of 7 judges. After having narrowed down the competition to the top three groups, the winning concept was selected.


See you at Tiny Love Hackathon 2017 

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