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The story behind the cute big eyes of Tiny Love’s newest characters


Have you already met Florence the Fawn? This adorable character is the leading role in the newest Tiny Love collections - Tiny Princess Tales and Into The Forest. Cute, for sure. What you might not know is the reasoning behind Florence and the other characters. Lena Telman, Industrial Designer at Dorel Juvenile, tells you all about it.


As babies grow and develop, they experience typical breakthrough moments of discovery. Those experiences - Moments of Wonder, as Tiny Love calls them – are the basis for the design process. Lena explains: “We want to encourage babies’ development by inspiring those moments and storytelling is therefore very important.”


Lena Telman_square2Lena Telman, Industrial Designer at Dorel Juvenile


Two halves
A subtle, but remarkable fact about the new designs is that all characters are divided into two. You can recognize the splits in the colors as well as in the patterns. Lena explains: “You can recognize the whole Tiny Love family by this design and it symbolizes the special relationship between a mother and a baby.”


Looking through baby’s eyes
Tiny Love continuously looks through the baby’s eyes when developing products. Lena says: “In the first several weeks after birth, the baby can only see contrasting colors. In the first year, the sight evolves from high contrasts only to the whole spectrum of colors. That explains why we’ve chosen bright colors and big eyes for all lead players. The big, friendly eyes catch a baby’s attention and helps with recognition – which is key for connecting.

 Tiny080517N_ 0675 1Into The Forest Gymini


Storytelling to boost imagination
When parents tell their babies stories it encourages their imagination. Tiny Love’s collection sets the scene so parents can build creative stories. Into The Forest is all about discovering the magical colors of fall and beautifully shaped clouds. Tiny Princess Tales shows daring, fun-filled group of friends among pink trees and fluttering butterflies. Lena is excited about the brand’s new collections and especially about the Gymini activity mats. She adds: “The characters, the colors and the materials – all come together in this single product. I just love to create a rich and adventurous world for babies!”


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