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Spreading Giggles Across France

Dorel Juvenile teams up with French Engineering school to raise money for the Theodora foundation

In keeping with its driving mission to Care for Precious Life, each Dorel Juvenile location selects a philanthropic cause to sponsor. For the second consecutive year, Dorel Juvenile's Porteurs de Sourires (freely translated: ‘smile bringers’) in the Cholet office, teamed up with the students of ISTIA, a French engineering school, to raise money for the Theodora Foundation. The foundation and its ‘giggle doctors’ aim to brings smiles and laughter to sick and disabled children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centers.


Dorel Juvenile has a long-lasting partnership with ISTIA and ‘Porteurs de Sourires’ is an enthusiastic group of Dorel colleagues who organize activities to support the Theodora Foundation. The students raised a total of € 765.17 by selling red noses and key rings on their university campus.

20170502 External - 2 Dorel Juvenile teams up with French Engineering school to raise money for the Theodora foundation

Together, Dorel Juvenile and organizations such as ISTIA and the Theodora Foundation can bring joy to young children and their families. Dorel Juvenile strives to make a difference by doing more—not only through delivering innovative products to support and provide comfort for precious life, but also by supporting such organizations and activities that bring smiles and happiness to those who need them.

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