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Spanning continental differences in Maxi-Cosi’s Nomad Collection

Digital technology is engulfing our lives, we engage with it almost constantly. In doing this we are finding that the world is getting smaller and smaller. We are learning about cultures we may have never known about before, seeing photos or even connecting with people in far away places.  We can take adventures without leaving our rooms.


In contrast to technology, nature is also a big topic. Being organic and sustainability are consumer trends in all industries where we consume, from furniture and interior design to construction and automobiles. Both of these macro trends—nature and technology—came together in the materials, colors and features of Maxi-Cosi’s popular Nomad collection.


Fullscreen Retina landscape-MC1307_2017_maxicosi_stroller_nova_lifestyle_outdoor_childonshoulders_landscape    

Global trends, local needs
The look and feel of the Nomad collection has remained coherent across the globe even with the localized product differentiations created for specific markets. Kris Lonergan, US Fashion Director for Dorel Juvenile, shares her insights into some of those subtle, but oh-so-important differences between US and European consumers’ tastes.


“In the US, consumers tend to prefer, softer knit, plush fabrics that are smooth, don’t wrinkle and can be washed easily and repeatedly but not lose form. US consumers value comfort, breathability and luxury fabrics, fabrics that resemble a softer ‘bedding look’ rather than a denser ‘upholstery look’, which Europeans tend to prefer. Consumers in Europe favor heavier weight textiles that are warm and durable. Multiple texture layers and tactility perform really well with US consumers,” explains Kris. Other continental differences can be seen in the way parents use car seats for their babies. Kris notes for instance that, “in the US, babies breathe, eat, sleep and play in their car seats, while in Europe babies don’t spend as much time in car seats.”


These global trends, lifestyle differences and taste preferences are taken into consideration into every detail of Maxi-Cosi’s products, to connect with modern parents around the world and their diverse lifestyles. The Nomad Collection features attractive, subdued and earthy textures and colors referred to as: Nomad Blue, Nomad Green, Nomad Brown, and Nomad Sand. 




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