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Safety 1st healthcare kit included in gift package to parents in Gera, Germany

In July, Dorel Juvenile’s mass market team made a sale of healthcare kits worth €2.500 to a special cause. The city of Gera, chose to care for precious life using Safety 1st products in their welcome package to new-borns.


As part of Gera’s “The first steps together – children welcome to Gera” campaign, the social department will be welcoming new-borns with a special gift. In hopes to offer the utmost support to parents, Gera will be gifting a welcoming package with new born essentials during babies’ 6th week.


'Growing up in a healthy way'

The welcome package includes useful information to help take care of the new-borns. Practical information from the city of Gera was provided to the parents and included an overview of paediatricians, child facilities and emergency numbers. Additional resources to educate parents included the parental folder “Growing up in a healthy way” and a child development DVD. Lastly, the city of Gera choose Safety 1st healthcare kits to help parents help take care of their precious new-borns.


The social staff of the city of Gera with the welcome package

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