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Maxi-Cosi is carrying the future, because children are the future

Maxi-Cosi is innovating its brand identity and product range. The cutting-edge products are ready for the big introduction later this year, and the marketing and communications teams of Maxi-Cosi and its parent, Dorel Juvenile, are busy rolling out Maxi-Cosi’s rejuvenated visual brand identity. In an interview with Nina Rosenthal, Global Brand Experience Manager for Maxi-Cosi, she explains the vision behind the rebranding.


Maxi%20Cosi%20Woensdag_1168“The Maxi-Cosi brand is widely known for its safety. It’s highly trusted and everyone in Europe knows Maxi-Cosi. It’s become the generic name for a baby car seat in Europe. To elevate this level of recognition to the global scale, we decided to reposition the brand in a way that families around the world can relate to the brand and products, and embrace them as a part of their own distinctive lifestyles,” explains Nina. That means not only guaranteeing safe and comfortable products, as Maxi-Cosi has always done, but going a step further to create products that are also modern, easy-to-use and stylish.

Maxi-Cosi has carried 50 million babies home from the hospital.

Maxi-Cosi prides itself on having carried 50 million babies home from the hospital. Nina adds: “We’ve been there from the beginning, and we are there for the moments thereafter too. We want to grow with the families as they grow.” This vision is reflected in Maxi-Cosi’s values and tagline. The new tagline is: We Carry the Future. The core values and tagline are further embodied in the new product line that consumers will see in September. Some of the exciting products include the AxissFixAir, the first car seat that uses airbag technology and the -Red Dot Design Award winning- Nova, a one-hand fold stroller. These are just some of the many forthcoming innovative products that families can easily incorporate into their diverse lifestyles—whether they live in urban environments as in Shanghai or Amsterdam, or in rural Ohio.

Maxi-Cosi has been there from the beginning, and we are there for the moments thereafter too.

_D9A7906Maxi-Cosi strives to innovate wherever possible in order to provide the best products to families, so they don’t need to worry. Nina points out: “We go above and beyond in testing our products. For example, if a regulation for a stroller stipulates that it has to ride over a bumpy path 70,000 times, we do it 140,000 times. We also work closely with pediatricians to design suitable, ergonomic products. We furthermore collaborate with other industry specialists to, for instance, find high-performance fabrics that work in hot and cold temperatures.” As a parent to a 10-month old, Nina knows what parents and families need. “Providing the best solutions to families is very close to my heart,” she notes. “I want parents to know what we are able to do for them, that we are the right partner for them.” The moment families put their babies in the Maxi-Cosi carrier or car seat is the moment a new chapter in their lives, and the new future, begins.


Maxi-Cosi’s fresh visual identity and stylish product line will come to life mid-September at the Kind + Jugend fair in Cologne, Germany. It is the leading global trade show for the baby and toddler outfitting sector.

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