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It's in our DNA; driving the heart and soul of Maxi-Cosi

Raul Sepulveda, Global Brand Director Maxi-Cosi, sheds light on what Maxi-Cosi’s DNA is made of.

Maxi-Cosi, a global brand of Dorel Juvenile, is in the midst of a major rebranding. The brand, widely known for safety, is upping its game and going even further. Not only is the rejuvenated Maxi-Cosi brand committed to providing the utmost protection and comfort, it’s also dedicated to providing modern, easy-to-use and stylish products that are in line with consumer’s real-world needs and diverse lifestyles.




At Maxi-Cosi, “we give more,” says Raul Sepulveda, Global Brand Director for Maxi-Cosi.  He adds: “Our role is different than that of our competitors. We give more than safety and protection; we also offer extreme comfort, and innovative and meaningful solutions. This is the way for Maxi-Cosi, it’s in our DNA.”


Maxi-Cosi is carrying the future, the children, and that is a great responsibility.

2 RaulSepulveda+LaikaThe compelling force behind Maxi-Cosi’s rebranding is to continuously challenge status quo by relieving parents of their worries when they place their child into a car seat or stroller, or when they use another product. “We strive to actively avoid the misuse of car seats and products by developing intuitive products where parents don’t always have to read a manual to know how to install or use it properly. No other brand in the market approaches their product development this way. We do not focus on snazzy external features that don’t actually make the product easier and safer to use. Maxi-Cosi is carrying the future, the children, and that is a great responsibility,” explains Raul.  


Having carried home 50 million babies from the hospital, the new tagline—We Carry the Future—embodies the brand’s driving philosophy of caring for children and their families from birth until well into their individual and collective futures. Maxi-Cosi’s new tagline also underscores the tagline of parent company, Dorel Juvenile, which is to Care for Precious Life. Together, the company and brand are making a difference in the way modern families live and experience their lives by exceeding expectations in safety, comfort, innovation and style.


Precious time with your kids is golden.

2 RaulSepulveda+AxissFixAirFor Raul, a proud dad of three boys, Maxi-Cosi’s rejuvenated identity and positioning is about making more carefree time for parents to enjoy all of those happy moments with their kids over many years. “Time is golden,” adds Raul, “and you don’t want to waste that time on instruction manuals.”


Maxi-Cosi’s fresh visual identity and stylish product line will come to life mid-September at the Kind + Jugend fair, the leading global trade show for the baby and toddler outfitting sector, held in Cologne, Germany.

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