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Highlights from the launch week of the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air in Europe

What a week it has been for Dorel Juvenile! All of the sites across Europe have been celebrating the launch of the world’s first car seat with built-in airbags: the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air. A ground-breaking innovation that all employees have been dying to tell the world about. Here’s a recap of this week’s highlights.


The world’s safest car seat is here—Get the word out
Journalists across Europe were the first ones to see the Dorel Juvenile family’s latest and greatest product in person. And what is better than experiencing the cutting-edge Air Safety technology in a live test center? British, Dutch, Belgian and French journalists and bloggers got to see how the integrated airbags inflate in 15 milliseconds in case of a collision right before their very eyes.


Watch the crash test and see how the technology works:




In Milan, journalists were introduced to the car seat in a truly Italian way. For this special occasion, the AxissFix Air was deployed in a brand new Maserati and Ferrari.  




Here’s to many more innovations
While the AxissFix Air is new to the outside world, this breakthrough innovation didn’t happen overnight of course. Innovation is at the core of Dorel Juvenile and the product development teams have been working on this behind-the-scenes for years. After a lot of testing and development, the moment is finally here. And that definitely calls for celebrations at Dorel Juvenile across Europe!  


For us at Dorel Juvenile, caring for precious life is the most important thing on earth. So it’s almost needless to say that we are extremely proud to be leading the future of child safety with this new technology.


Check the Maxi-Cosi website for more details on the AxissFix Air. 


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