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Dorel Juvenile joined the Commission for Child Car Safety

Last November the Real Automòvil Club de España (RACE) invited Dorel Juvenile along with 23 other institutions to come together to form the Commission for Child Car Safety. The purpose for this commission was to create a singular voice for Child Car Safety in Spain and to follow the promise “Su Seguridad, nuestro compromise (Your safety, our promise).”

image commision spain

This very first meeting aimed to bring all institutions together to establish a common goal – the total elimination of child causalities in vehicular accidents – and to find a solution as to how to collectively fulfil this goal:


1. Campaign for Child car safety
Raising awareness and communicating the right information about the importance of child car safety is the first step to ensure the safety of children.


2. Regulation on the sale of child car restraints
By training and fully preparing all professionals selling child car restraints, buyers will be correctly informed with adequate installation and effective methods of use. 


3. Communication with stakeholders about Child Car Safety
The commission is meant to be the central hub of all Child Car Safety information and will be the provider of consistent and up-to-date information.


4. Research & development collaborations with educational institutions
To eliminate the causalities by car, the commission and educational institutions aim to consistently research the area of Child Car Safety to look for new developments and best practices.


The commission agreed on the above steps being the direction forward. For Dorel Juvenile to join this initiative is of high importance and a pleasure to contribute to child car safety together. 




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