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Dorel Juvenile Chosen as Best Use of Technology Finalist

The accolades keep coming for Dorel Juvenile’s innovative video chat program that allows Consumer Relations to interact more directly with consumers. The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) chose us as a finalist in the Best Use of Technology category for their Global Contact Center Awards. Each year, ICMI strives to recognize contact centers around the world that most embody contact center excellence and chooses the best-of-the-best as finalists.


Better Technology - Better Consumer Care

The Dorel Juvenile Consumer Care Department in Columbus, IN started using Facetime and Skype to interact directly with consumers in 2015. This innovative approach to consumer care was introduced after a consumer call by Consumer Care agent Courtney Bettner. During an hour long troubleshooting call Bettner realized that visually seeing the product and challenges that were occurring could lead to a faster and easier fix and a happier consumer.


"As of today, we reach 3000 consumers with video chat.”



“I was able to FaceTime with her real quick and see the problem.” While the consumer originally called for help with a threading issue, Bettner was also able to see that an important piece had been removed. Without this piece, the seat would be unstable. “Because of that we were able to keep her from using an unsafe car seat. It’s clearer to help the consumer when you can see what’s actually going on.”


Michelle Williams, Director Consumer Relations, talked with Bettner about the call and they began working on the best ways to implement video chat throughout the department. “Starting with a soft launch in August of last year, call center agents are now being trained on the use of both Facetime and Skype. This enables them to engage more directly with consumers and is already showing proven results. As of today, we reach 3000 consumers with video chat.”


Solid ROI for company and consumer

The ROI on video chat is lucrative for both consumer and company, making it a true win-win situation. Consumers no longer have to ship problem products or parts to Consumer Care. This saves the consumer money and time, allowing them to receive replacement parts much quicker when necessary. The process saves Dorel Juvenile time as well and has resulted in much higher satisfaction ratings with a stunning Net Promoter Score of 93%. 


Dorel Juvenile’s success is being recognized not only by Industry experts like ICMI, but also by some of our competitors who are beginning to adopt video chat into their own customer services. Williams thinks this is great. “Imitation is really the best form of flattery, and it encourages us to always be thinking of new and better ways to provide the best customer service so that we can keep the lead. More importantly, as a tool that can be used to ensure proper car seat installation, I’m very happy that others are catching on and helping children ride safer in all car s eats.”

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