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Bringing Maxi-Cosi’s visual identity to life with consumer insights

The Maxi-Cosi global rebranding is more than cosmetic; it follows years of research and study, and listening to parents around the world about what they need and look for when shopping for their infants and children. Dorel Juvenile, the company behind the leading brand Maxi-Cosi, conducted the research and uncovered some expected and unexpected cultural differences.




Ingrid de Laat, Consumer Insights Analyst for Dorel Juvenile, highlights some of the interesting differences found in the research: “In China, many adults take care of one child and each of them plays big roles in the raising of a child, meaning that products are used by all of these caretakers. In South Korea, parents are very focused on issues such as shock absorption and air pollution. Meanwhile, in the US, people don’t walk or take public transportation to destinations as much as in Europe, so the car seat is their most important method for transporting a child.” Such insights into how people use products in their day-to-day lives are central to Maxi-Cosi’s continuous innovative product development and they have also inspired the current visual rebranding process.


Consumer testing

IngridAs part of the rebranding, Dorel Juvenile and Maxi-Cosi furthermore investigated ways to connect more with consumers by tapping into consumers’ emotions. Ingrid clarifies: “We wanted to specifically trigger and align the brand with the emotions of joy, happiness and excitement—the feelings that parents associate with their newborns, their kids, and their families.” For the visual rebranding in particular, the Consumer Insights division tested a number of newly developed lifestyle images, logos and taglines with diverse audiences, and the results were very positive overall. Ingrid adds: “The lifestyle images and ads tested were differentiating and showed strong associations with emotions of joy, trust, and curiosity, precisely what Dorel Juvenile and Maxi-Cosi had hoped for.“


With regard to the tagline, ‘We Carry the Future’ was the most appealing. Consumers also indicated the new streamlined logo looked more modern and strongly preferred it to the other options.  With these compelling research results from Consumer Insights, Maxi-Cosi’s fresh and modern visual brand identity has been reborn, and consumers have had an express role in bringing it to life.

logo and tagline


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