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Bolstering Maxi-Cosi’s future in the US

An interview with Hannah Dwyer, Product Marketing Manager for Maxi-Cosi infant car seats in the US

HannahDwyerAs part of the global launch of Maxi-Cosi’s rejuvenated visual identity and innovative product range, a number of exciting products are being unveiled this year. The fresh identity and new tagline ‘We Carry the Future’, truly reflect the modern, trailblazing products coming out onto the regional markets in 2017 and beyond. Among the new products that have been launched in the US market under the new brand identity is the Pria 85 Max.


The Pria 85 Max is a new convertible car seat specifically for the US market which features an innovative magnetic chest clip. Hannah explains: “When you have a million things in your hands, such as bags, toys, and more, it is a hassle to get a child in and out of a car seat. If a parent brings the two locking pieces close to each other, they will automatically connect. Parents can also unclip the strap with one hand, while it is practically impossible for kids to open themselves. This innovative take on the normal chest strap totally speaks to the Maxi-Cosi mission of making intuitive easy-to-use products for parents.”


“Carrying the future” means constantly looking for ways to improve and create products that meet parents’ needs. Hannah notes that “creating these great products starts with a team that care about what they’re making, and we at Maxi-Cosi have that. With products like the Pria 85 Max, Maxi-Cosi really holds true to its core values and mission, and to that of Dorel Juvenile’s, by providing an intuitive, comfortable and safe design that grows with a child and family as they grow and move into the future together—the epitome of the new brand identity. 


Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Max


Hannah is proud to recommend Maxi-Cosi to all of her expecting friends and family members, because she knows how safe and beautiful the products are. “I feel a responsibility to my friends’ children and to those in my family, to keep them safe and nurture them so they can carry the world forward in whatever capacity they choose.”

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