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Bébé Confort celebrates its 80th Birthday

This year, Dorel Juvenile proudly celebrates Bébé Comfort's 80th birthday. Since 1936, millions of parents have trusted the French brand to help them in their daily lives with innovative products. With an International notoriety, Bébé Confort has also won the heart of families by becoming mums ‘preferred brand for the third consecutive year.



Looking to the future, this birthday will be celebrated around new innovations with a limited edition collection “Celebration” and a stronger digital strategy to continue building the link between the brand and parents over generations.


Bébé Confort, from its first steps to its great recognition 

Created in 1936, Bébé Confort is one of the oldest nursery brands in Europe. Bébé Confort products, highly appreciated for their quality, quickly acquired an international reputation. In 1968, Bébé Comfort diversified its activities with the launch of its first  stroller collection and then continued to develop other segments to become a generalist nursery brand. In 1983, the blue elephant, the true symbol of the brand, appeared on the logo for the first time.


40 years after its creation, Bébé Confort became part of  the Ampa France company, which was then bought  in 2003 by Dorel Inc. Industries, the worldwide leader of Juvenile products (Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, Safety 1st). Today, Bébé Confort  is the French leader of Juvenile products with 4 categories of developments: strollers, car safety, bottle-feeding/mealtime, care/bath time.


80 years of innovation and many more to come

Bébé Confort has become a leader in the Juvenile segment thanks to innovative products making parents ‘life easier day after day: ModuloClip installation system, Loola Stroller (2004), Axiss swiveling car seat (2004) and EasyClip baby bottle (2012). 

This means a lot of  iconic products which show how innovation is essential for Bébé Confort  to make family moments more enjoyable. In 2013, Bébé Confort was the first brand to implement the new European I-Size (R129) regulation for car seats with the launch of the 2wayPearl followed by AxissFix in 2014 and Pebble Plus in 2015. To celebrate its birthday in 2016, the brand has developed a new limited edition "Celebration", with all bestsellers dressed in black and bronze colors with embroidered stars.


Cholet – a leading site for innovations

If the brand offers innovative solutions, this is also due to its historical anchorage in the heart of the Cholet area. With strong local roots, Dorel Juvenile offers a lot of job opportunities with a European dimension and is also an active member of Nova Child – a regional trade organization of professionals from the juvenile industry. With this strong local background, Dorel Juvenile is a dynamic actor of the economic activity linked to juvenile products. 


Today, with almost 400 collaborators, the Cholet site is becoming a European center of expertise for Juvenile products: R&D, Quality, a European crash test center for car seats with a second catapult in 2016, and a Marketing focus on innovation. Bébé Confort has its own lab tests to check the quality and safety of its products. All Bébé Confort products are tested according to very specific criteria: resistance, ease of use or safety going beyond the requirements of existing standards. This quality and innovation approach has been awarded in 2015 when Dorel Juvenile received the ISO 9001:2015 certification.


A digital brand to be closer to connected parents 

Fully aware that parents are more and more connected, Bébé Confort keeps innovating both on a product level as well as on a communication level. Over the past 5 years, the Bébé Confort brand  has become more and  more digital: the website was relaunched in 2015, a Facebook page was opened in 2012 counting 200,000 fans today and in 2013, an outlet website was launched and a community of online parent testers was created.   


It is also essential for the brand to work in close collaboration with blogger parents to have them test the latest innovations. This birthday celebration will give the opportunity to the brand to go even further in the digital process with a media campaign around the “Celebration” limited edition: a social media game in responsive design and a media plan, exclusively digital, were launched at the beginning of the year.


Taking care today of tomorrow’s generations

Caring for future generations, the brand Bébé Confort, through Dorel Juvenile Europe’s environmental and social responsibility approach is taking steps to preserve tomorrow’s resources. The brand also integrates eco-design into its R&D activities in order to reduce the environmental impact of its products. In 2020, over 20 % of the company sales will come from durable solutions while its environmental footprint will be reduced by 20%. In this approach of “living together” in harmony and solidarity, Bébé Confort is also partner of the Theodora association, financing clowns for children in  the hospitals. 


And tomorrow? Bébé Confort, a very promising brand 



"Proud of its 80-year heritage, Bébé Confort - mum’s preferred brand - did not get a wrinkle! Resolutely looking at the future, the Bébé Confort brand wants to keep being more and more dynamic, more digital and more innovative. Our next innovations will offer even more safety and ease of use to both parents and young children. All Dorel Juvenile colleagues are working together every day to achieve this beautiful mission." 


Charles de Kervénoaël, President & CEO Dorel Juvenile Europe


And since happiness never comes alone, Bébé Confort has developed the Dana For2 stroller for twins or close-in-age children. The very first twin stroller available on the market on which you can install two baby car seats. The Dana For2 stroller will combine ease of use and comfort to make daily family life easier.


With an innovative physiological teat that imitates the shape of the breast during feeding and its Easy Clip technology, the new Perfect Sense baby bottle has been created for newborns and breastfed babies, to allow natural sucking.


In the steps of its predecessor, the AxissFix, a 360 ° swiveling car seat complying with the latest i-Size car seat regulation, the new AxissFix Plus will  be suitable for use with newborns from day one.

This big milestone was celebrated by all French colleagues and their families:

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