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I develop strong communication skills with colleagues worldwide


My role at Dorel Juvenile Australia is Nursery Product Manager for Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand.


My Job entails facilitating research, strategy and development for Nursery product. The role is to guide a team of talented designers, brand managers, engineers, factories and people to create products that meet different regions fashions and standards whilst understanding consumer needs. In conjunction with the Product Development side of my role I also work with the global teams to enable existing products and ranges to be sold in each region. I liaise on a daily basis with China, Netherlands and Israel discussing production, products and product positioning. To work in this role I enjoy the drive that is needed to make our teams visions reality.


I love my job as there are many facets to the role enabling me to develop strong communication skills with colleagues across the globe. The interaction I have had with various colleagues from across the globe provides me with a broad understanding of global markets needs, desires and trends.  Dorel Juvenile is a company where passions are nurtured and constantly challenged. My main passion is to develop safe products that we can be sure will meet consumer needs whilst providing innovation and on trend fashion.  I feel that my personal passion and the passionate people I provide the necessary drive to ensure we produce the best products we can achieve with in our deadlines.  I also love the passionate people I work alongside, as it helps to nurture my own passions and ensures that I work as a team player to achieve bigger and better results.


My ambition in life is to continue working in the area of Product development so that I can provide input into the world’s production of functional, fashionable and safe products.


Dorel Juvenile is a direct link to my ambition where I can continue to learn about global trends and cultures which enable me to understand the world markets better.


Favourite Hobby: "I am a passionate lover of edible gardening and Illustrating."

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Brand Experience Manager

Product Manager

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