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People on my team are very supportive

Mei Hui

Being a Senior Industrial Designer for the Dorel Juvenile car seats team, I support, visualize, and communicate a vision for the products that have been strategically planned by our management team. For our existing products, my role is usually helping improve the visual quality of a product to make it more competitive in the market place.  


For new products, I take it a little bit further by creating meaningful experiences that support a sense of wellbeing for both parents and their children. This can either be creating an opportunity for intimate bonding moments between parents and their babies or making a simple and safe product that is affordable for every family.


People on my team are very supportive. We respectfully challenge each other to make great products. There is a good management team in place that inspires me to make a good impact for our company that also benefits our whole society. I’m driven to create a meaningful life for both myself and my co-workers while working on meaningful products and doing it all in a meaningful way. I enjoy working on products that have a positive impact on the world.


Favorite activities: I enjoy observing human behaviors from different cultures, and that is why I love travel. My favorite destinations so far are Banff National Park in Canada, Amsterdam in Netherland, and Kyoto in Japan.     

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Deduction Analyst

Commercial project manager Europe

Logistiek Voorman

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