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Child safety is our top priority at Dorel Juvenile


I am Ming Zhang, and I come from Zhongshan city in Guangdong province. At university, I majored in mechanical engineering. After graduating, I worked as an engineer for three years before joining Dorel Juvenile in 2012. As Project Leader, I am responsible for the Project Management department. My main task is the new product project, and I have managed strollers, car seats, high chairs and other products.


Being a father myself, it’s fun working for a company that produces juvenile products. As Dorel Juvenile develops many new products a year, product development is pretty difficult work. So it’s important to keep on improving individual technical ability. We place great emphasis on children’s health and safety, so we are motivated to attain the highest possible quality in our products.

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Commercial project manager Europe

Logistiek Voorman

Team Coordinator

What's new at Kind + Jugend 2018?

Kind + Jugend 2018 is in full swing and of course Dorel Juvenile is there to show the world our latest innovations.