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I like to be in the driver's seat



What I look for in a job is autonomy and the opportunity to do my own thing. The first job I took on after business school was that of procurement planner. I worked with buyers, but I wasn’t the one who made the decisions. I like to be in the driver’s seat, do the negotiations, and obtain the best prices. That was why I decided to leave my previous job to do a master’s course in procurement and then become a buyer.


I started at Dorel Juvenile in 2007 and went from being a Buyer for our Small Nursery subsidiary to Purchasing Manager for our French site with direct responsibility for non-product related services. If the marketing division needs a new contract with an advertising agency, they come to me. If IT is looking for a new supplier for our mobile contract, I discuss their needs with them and select the new supplier.


The manager whom I worked for in my previous job changed jobs and joined Dorel Juvenile. She was the one who advised me to apply here when I was looking for another job. She described it as an international company with a lot of freedom and good products. For me, making purchases for a company that produces end products is more appealing than working for a company that deals in raw material. Furthermore, the interaction with our Asian suppliers is interesting, not only because I like to travel, but also I like the way the Asian suppliers do business. Whatever we require, they will deliver.


Dorel Juvenile’s international environment really comes to the fore in my role. When I was a Buyer for our small nursery subsidiary, I also worked with our teams in the US, China or Brazil. Sometimes products need to be adapted to a specific market. This means either finding new suppliers or ensuring that current suppliers deliver the correct changes.


The challenge in my field lies in being very responsive to the changing business in which we operate. If we invest in e-commerce activities, we need to review our supplier base since that requires faster deliveries. For example, an Asian supplier may be too far from our target market to deliver our products within the short time scale required.


Dorel Juvenile supports me in my need for personal development. I moved to non-product related services at my own request. I expressed my wishes to do something else and ended up with a job I could see myself doing for a long time – Procurement Manager at Dorel Juvenile. 


Favourite sport: I like to do steps to keep fit.

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Team Coordinator

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