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I have a strong affiliation for textiles



Sometimes, I feel out of place if I sit in a meeting with people who have worked for Dorel Juvenile for one, two, or three years. I’ve been working here for over 14 years, so they might think I am well settled. However, I can assure you that this is not the case. I’ve never had the same job here for a period of more than two years. Since I joined, we have undergone constant change. I’m not the type of person to set career goals well in advance. I prefer to grow into my role. I’ve never worried for one moment that I would get bored, even after ten years. If I were ever to get bored, I would leave. Within Dorel Juvenile, there are always new opportunities. I’ve progressed from a specific textile buyer position to a Procurement Manager with scope for all the aspects of procurement.


I have a strong affiliation with textile. I studied Business Management Textile and with this education I combine my creative interests with commercial expertise. I worked for several other companies before I worked for Dorel Juvenile. I’ve learned that I like to be at the site where the fabrics are made. I love to run my hands through them and discuss the best option on the spot. At one point in my previous job, I was ready for something different. Since I live in Helmond, I always drove past the Maxi-Cosi sign and I thought about it every time, the brands, the products and, of course, the textiles. When there was a vacancy for a Textile Buyer, I grabbed my chance and the job suited me perfectly.


This role has taken me overseas many times as we have looked for opportunities in Asia with source suppliers. This experience has taught me a lot about what it means to restructure your production process. I enjoy collaborating closely with other departments such as supply chain, engineering, and styling, and be involved at an early stage so that I can bring the added value of procurement to the table.


For me, Dorel Juvenile is constantly developing. We are now adapting our structure to changing markets and needs. In this development I see a lot of potential for procurement. This will increase our profitability at once, but it will also give us more a sustainable value. I’m excited to be part of this and to work together with our team to make our contribution. I’ve already seen how my personal commitment really has made a difference in our company policies. That can happen in Dorel Juvenile: you really can bring about change.


Favourite movie: The road movie ‘Wild at heart’ with Nicolas Cage. I watched it in my twenties and for me it symbolises a life of freedom.


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Brand Experience Manager

Product Manager

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