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The strong brands spark a connection



When I obtained my master’s degree in Business Studies, I decided to travel for six months instead of looking for a job immediately. When I came back from my trip, I was excited about looking for work. I had a better idea of what I wanted from a profession. Dorel Juvenile felt right for me. They have strong brands with a worldwide exposure. Especially in a Marketing role, it’s important to have a link with the products. Trends need to be followed and you see our products in everyday life on the streets and in the shops; that’s why I have a strong link with our products.  


Starting at Dorel Juvenile I was curious to experience ‘working life’. It was my first job and, it’s fair to say, I knew nothing about corporate life. Here, you can really be yourself. The company radiates an open and comforting sphere. For me personally, factors such as a good atmosphere and pleasant colleagues are important to me so I can be happy in my job. I couldn’t imagine working in a multinational where you can step into the lift each day and don’t know who is standing next to you in the lift.


There’s no such thing as a normal day in my job. Every day is different. They range from meetings and writing briefings to preparing product launches and collaborating with our sales department. A colleague from the styling division might call me and ask me to have a look at a new fabric they developed for a stroller. Or I might have to speak on the telephone to my manager, who is located in France, to discuss different projects.


Dorel Juvenile is truly a learning experience for me. I’ve developed a mindset to market our products on a global scale.


It’s funny, but I really notice that people around me remember I work at Dorel Juvenile. I regularly get asked about my job by people to whom I’ve mentioned only once that I work here. I think it’s the strong brands that spark the connection.



Favorite food: That has to be Mexican food, especially Mexican burritos with guacamole!

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Logistiek Voorman

Team Coordinator

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