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Every day brings new exciting challenges


I’ve been working with Dorel Juvenile now for about a year and a half. My previous ICT jobs were with consultant companies and I liked the idea of working with a client company instead. I was also attracted by the interesting projects going on at Dorel Juvenile. Before moving to the Netherlands nine years ago, I studied in France, and my previous jobs allowed me to realize projects for multinationals all over the world.


In this job, there’s no typical working day. It depends very much on the projects we’re doing at the moment. There are several projects running at the same time – all in different phases. In the initial phase, when we’re designing projects, there are a lot of workshops in order to analyze business needs. Then in the development phase we work with the IT department on developing functional requirements, and in the test phase we cooperate closely with the business to check that we’ve responded correctly to their needs and expectations.


At the moment, our parallel projects include upgrading our ERP system and aligning our European processes. We are implementing SalesForce Marketing and Service Cloud. Another project concerns product information management. We’re now in the phase of designing a retail portal, to make the product accessible to retailers, distributors and all our partners.


What I particularly enjoy about working with Dorel Juvenile is the dynamic environment. There’s a lot happening and plenty of good challenges, but all in the caring atmosphere of a company that provides children’s products. And because there are always new projects, there will be enough interesting challenges to keep me going for some years yet!

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Commercial project manager Europe

Logistiek Voorman

Team Coordinator

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