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The culture is very diverse


I knew about Dorel Juvenile before working here because my dad actually worked in the factory for many years when I was growing up.  Now I’m working here as a Consumer Relations Specialist. I answer calls and emails from consumers who need assistance with their products. This can include anything from filing a warranty claim, to ordering parts, product troubleshooting and even assisting with the installation of the car seats.


I like my job because I know I can expect something different every day. Each call and each situation is different. It gives me a chance to test my skills and knowledge about Dorel Juvenile’s vast product line daily. I also like being able to speak with different consumers all across the United States and Canada. It gives me a chance to learn more about different areas and different people.


I enjoy knowing I was able to help a parent improve the safety of their child. Some calls may be challenging, but it is worth all of the effort when you are finally able to resolve any issues the consumer was experiencing and leave them with a positive impression of Dorel Juvenile.


The company employs people from all over, so the culture is very diverse. Within the Consumer Relations department alone, there are agents who speak different languages such as French and Spanish. Although the company culture is diverse, the company makes every effort to ensure all employees feel welcome and comfortable in their work environment.


Favorite activity: Going for walks with my dogs. They love going for walks, and it gives me a chance to clear my mind.


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Deduction Analyst

Commercial project manager Europe

Logistiek Voorman

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